Maintaining Consistency in Web Design

Published: 04th May 2011
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People uses internet for getting good information through different websites available on web. So our website should be clean, simple and well-structured which gives good information. It should be mainly featured by good informative content, simple layout, easy navigation, and the graphics used should be loaded easily and fast.

To have a professional website design, there are many elements which should be taken into consideration. One of these important considerations is maintaining consistency throughout the design. If consistency is retained properly in the web design, than automatically professional look will be achieved. The design choices and decisions should be taken earlier that is before starting designing the website and then sticking to that decisions to easily maintain consistency.

Consistency is something which should be maintained in every phase of the website. Places where it should be considered are Consistency in Layout or Navigation, Consistency in time, Consistency in space, and Consistency in Web Design.

Layout of the website refers to basic framework and the structure of the website. The importance of having good navigation is visitorís become familiar with your navigation which is the main purpose of maintaining consistency and secondly it also helps your credibility. It gives your website a well-structured polished look. If it has bad navigation, it makes your website look disorganized and unprofessional which creates bad impression of you and your company.

There are basically three ways to maintain consistency for your website navigation:-

- Use of Global Navigation which means a set of all your main links appearing on every page of the website at the same place. It will give the surety that visitors can always reach to the main sections of the website easily. This has become a basic necessity nowadays.
- The appearance and the placement of all the links and the buttons should be same throughout the website that is color of links, button styles, fonts and their placement should be same and consistent on all web pages of the site.
- Conventional design standards should be used so that visitorís feel familiar with the navigation look and the functions instead of getting confused.

Consistency in web design means maintaining and matching everything page to page. These things include heading sizes, fonts, colors, backgrounds, style of buttons, spacing, elements of design, illustration styles, pictures, navigation buttons, and other important things related to designing of the website. All these things should be themed properly so as to make design consistent between web pages.

Time consistency is equally important as change of order of things may give a disadvantage that your frequent visitors would lose their track. Maintaining a single design throughout a site is also important that is all pages should be visually related to each other.

One good way of ensuring your consistency is using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which will help to get same look for all your web pages in the website that uses the same style sheet. It also gives advantage at the time of updating where changes should be made on only one document. Another way to maintain it is the use of template which is a document for designing a website defining a structure of multiple pages of your website.

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